Stamford, Greenwich, CT – Central Air Conditioning System Installation, Repair, & Maintenance Services

Stamford, Greenwich, CT – Central Air Conditioning System Installation, Repair, & Maintenance Services

As the cold temperatures of the Connecticut winter seasons, turns to the warmer temperatures of spring arrives, you know that the sweltering heat of summer is just around the corner. You can get a jump start tuning up your air conditioning unit for the summer season by contacting the Stamford Air Conditioning Unit installation and maintenance repair technicians at Schede Plumbing and Heating.

Whether you require installation of a new central air conditioning system, a maintenance and tune-up services on your current unit. Schede Plumbing and Heating of Stamford, CT is available to assist you. We will perform a full inception of your air conditioning system and do what is required to ensure your system is running for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. Schede Plumbing and Heating offers an unsurpassed combination of affordable rates, quality work and reliable service.

Your residential or commercial property’s central air conditioning system is a very integral part to making your home or business feel comfortable during the sweltering summer. When considering a central air conditioner installation or repair there are a few factors that you should understand in order to complete an HVAC installation project. Schede Plumbing can explain to you the entire process including all of the costs and what to expect with the installation process. Hiring the experienced and qualified central air conditioning maintenance contractors at Schede Plumbing is essential to ensure you are receiving the greatest possible return on your home investment.

Our air conditioning unit division offers installation, repair and maintenance services for heating and air conditioning systems throughout Stamford, Westport, Greenwich, Fairfield, New Haven and surrounding areas. We serve both residential and commercial customers throughout Connecticut. Whether it’s time to update to a more energy-efficient system, or you need prompt repairs to your existing furnace or air conditioner, you can trust in Schede Plumbing and Heating to complete the job in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact us today at 203-969-2299 to scheudle a no-cost estimate and consultation!

Stamford, CT – Kitchen Remodeling, Construction, Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Stamford, CT – Kitchen Remodeling, Construction, Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Home owners throughout the Stamford, CT area perform home improvement and renovation services on their properties for numerous reasons. However, the most popular reason for upgrading your home or is to increase its market value as well as improved functionality. Many homeowners want to expand their kitchen area to accommodate their grown families or make the area more enjoyable for family and guests. The most common renovations that are performed and will return the greatest amount on your investment are upgrading the kitchen and bathroom.

Stamford, CT Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

The kitchen is generally thought to be a standout amongst the most essential rooms in a typical family unit. Families invest a lot of energy planning, eating, and tidying up after suppers, and it is additionally a spot where individuals gather and spend the most time socializing. These are reasons why the kitchen is typically the first room of each household to undergo a renovation. The Stamford kitchen renovation professionals at Schede Plumbing & Heating have performed countless kitchen renovations of all sizes and scope from Greenwich to the Westport and New Canaan areas of Connecticut.

Research as indicated that professionally renovated kitchen can will have the greatest impact on increasing the value of your home, compared to any other room. A number of our customers settle on the vital choice to put resources into a kitchen remodel, so they can not only increase value for their home, but they can also enhance the quality of living for their family.

The Stamford kitchen renovation professionals at Schede Plumbing & Heating understand the significance of having a well designed and functional kitchen for your Connecticut household. We will work with you to customize the look and layout of your kitchen according to your personal style and needs, and our team will create a space that will promote an area of enjoyment and conversation. We understand all the facets in customizing the kitchen renovation design, by optimizing layout, colors, functionality and using high quality products.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Kitchen

Hiring Schede Plumbing & Heating to performing upgrades to your kitchen greatly improve the overall efficiency and lower your yearly utility expenditures. Simple upgrades such as installing new appliances, windows, and doors can make a significant impact on your bottom line. It will also make your property much more appealing when you decide to sell or place it on the rental market.

Schede Plumbing & Heating have performed countless kitchen construction and remodeling projects for households throughout the Greenwich and Fairfield areas and we are very passionate about our work. The majority of the home improvement projects we take on come from referrals, so we always make it a top priority to offer the greatest possible service and customer satisfaction we each project we take on. If your you interested in improving the size, appearance and functionality of your kitchen , please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and estimate today!

Westport, Darien, CT – Boiler Heating System Repair & Maintenance Services

Westport, Darien, CT – Boiler Heating System Repair & Maintenance Services

Purchasing a brand new boiler for your residence or commercial facility has many long term benefits but can also be extremely costly. An alternative to installing a new boiler system, is to upgrade or perform system maintenance on your current hot water heating system. Schede Plumbing and Heating has installed and performed boiler system maintenance for many residences and commercial facilities throughout the Westport, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich areas of Connecticut, as well as Westchester County, NY.

We recently installed a boiler system into large apartment complex in Westport, Connecticut. We recommended using a boiler water heating system if you require heating for spacious buildings with numerous rooms. We installed a large boiler into the basement of the building, which allowed hot water to disperse throughout the floors of the building through a sophisticated array of pipes.

One of the advantages to using a boiler system compared to a furnace system, is a boiler will not accumulate as much dust as a typical furnace will. Dust accumulation can be a serious health issue to contend with, especially someone with a weak immune system or allergy issues. Boiler systems have a structure that radiates heat into the existing air, compared to a furnace which basically forces new heated air into a room. Another advantage to using a boiler is that it can be conveniently constructed with independent zones that can be switched on or off, which will allow you the capability to heat specific sections of the house or apply heat to separate areas with different temperatures.

There are different categories of heating boilers that are available for installation and each have their own specific benefits. We have listed the most common boiler systems we have installed over the years in the Fairfield county area and their benefits.

  • The Gas Boiler – The Gas Boiler is very popular due to its reputation as being an efficient and long lasting heating system. Gas Boilers will usually stand the test of time and require less maintenance or repairs as many other types of systems. There are three types of gas boilers available which are conventional, condensing, and combination.
  • The Electric Boiler – Electric boilers use electric heating elements to heat water and are considered to be more efficient than gas boilers. They provide 100 percent efficient electric heat. They are small in size so they have the capability to fit into any size home or business. Similar to most boiler systems, piping or tubing lines are needed to circulate the heat carrying fluid.
  • The Oil Boiler – These types of boilers can provide a greater level of performance and efficiency than any other type of boiler system on the market. However, there are drawbacks which are that oil is considered a non-renewable type of energy and the price of oil can change at anytime, which can potentially lead to an expensive winter season.

It is estimated that a central heating boiler will account for over sixty percent of your heating bills during the winter, so it is crucial that your boiler is running at its highest performance capacity in order to minimize your expenses. Schede Plumbing and Heating are experienced in the replacement and retrofitting of boilers and hot water heating systems for residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and light commercial properties. We at Schede Plumbing & Heating in Connecticut believe that boiler repair and maintenance is all about safety, dependability, and efficiency. We believe boiler maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to increase the life of your boiler. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Stamford, Greenwich, CT – Protect Your Tankless Water Heater During the Winter Season

Stamford, Greenwich, CT – Protect Your Tankless Water Heater During the Winter Season

As residents throughout Connecticut and New York come to grips with the freezing temperatures of winter, it becomes imperative to protect water pipes and other plumbing devices from the cold weather. One device that is notably affected by the extreme cold temperatures is your Stamford tankless water heater, especially when it is located outside of your home. Tankless water heaters utilize a condenser, which keeps the water warm previously to use. This allows the warm water to be ready and waiting for you when you need it. Many Connecticut residents are of the understanding that the hot water temperatures created by a tankless water heater is not effected by the frigid temperatures. However, if you do not under go the appropriate provisions to protect your heater from the cold weather, your hot water heater can potentially freeze over and lead to costly repair services.

Having yout tankless water heater installed on the exterior of your home will have some advantages, but in order to protect it from the harsh Connecticut winters, you will need to take a few preventative measures. Most present day tankless water heaters have incorporated freeze protection devices that will help protect it from frigid temperatures, but the drawback is that it will only provide protection for the unit and it does not do anything to insulate the pipes leading into the unit from the winter elements. If you want to protect outdoor pipes, you could keep water running through them or cover them up with insulated blankets to keep them warm. It is just as important to protect your water pipes to ensure that you will be receiving a steady flow of hot water through the winter months.

Safeguard your water pipes

In order to forestall the water lines that direct into the tankless heater from freezing, it is imperative that you winterize or correctly insulate the pipes during the winter season. You should locate the areas of the piping that are most exposed to the winter elements and take measurements of these sections. You can then administer self-sealing pipe wrapping to the exposed area of the water pipes. It is an affordable and energy efficient solution to help prevent your pipes from freezing. The pipe wrapping insulation helps protect your copper and iron pipes against mold and condensation, which will help to prevent heat gain and loss and save you money on energy bills.

Another option to applying protective insulation to your pipes is to install an electric heater cable, which will be very effective in preventing damage due to freezing temperatures. A heating cable is essentially a cord with encased electrical wire, that when plugged in regulates the temperature around plastic or metal pipes. You can run the cable along side of the water pipe, wrapping the cable around the piping every one to two feet in a spiral pattern. Upon wrapping your exposed pipes with heater cable, it is important to secure it with electrical tape and then cover it with pipe insulation. These measures will ensure your pipes are protected and help your pipes maintain the right temperature through the winter season.

Winterizing your tankless water heater system

If you are planning on flying south for the winter, you can begin preparing your tankless water heater by completely disconnecting it’s source of power. You can then turn off the water supply to the tank, and begin draining the water from the tankless water heater. It is also recommended that you disengage the water pipes from the tank to ensure that the water pressure is at nominal levels. In order to keep yard debris from accumulating in the vents of your system over the winter season, you should secure a weather-proof cover over the entire tank.

Many homeowners throughout Connecticut are not aware that in order to maintain a properly running hot water heater, it is imperative to protect the water heater from the winter elements. You can contact the plumbing and heating technicians at Schede Plumbing for all of hot water heater repair and maintenance needs. We can keep your hot or cold water temperatures and energy bills under control. Our plumbing and heating experts will repair and install any type of residential or commercial water heaters. Contact us today at 203-969-2299 for a free consultation!

Schede Plumbing and Heating provides drainage repair, hot water heater installation and maintenance services, tankless water heaters, generators, air conditioning, general pluming repairs and installations, new construction, well pumps, and general heating installation and repair services. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut and New York: Fairfield, Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, Westchester, White Plains, New Rochelle, Rye. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!

Greenwich, CT – Water Heater Install and Maintenance Services

Greenwich, CT – Water Heater Install and Maintenance Services

Electric and gas hot water heaters are an essential amenity for your home or business, administering the warm water you need for comfortable living and working conditions. A typical water heater will operate for up to fifteen years before it requires replacement or serious maintenance. Once the internal components become worn away and enveloped with a stockpile of minerals, the operational efficiency of your water heater can begin to deteriorate. There are a few indicatory signals that will make you aware of when the time has come to buy a new water heater, or contact a professional water heater maintenance company to perform repairs before it completely breaks down. If are not sure if you are in need of a new water heater or maintenance, the plumbing and heating professionals at Schede have compiled a list of signals that you should be looking out for below.

  • Survey the quality of the water that is coming out of your sink and shower. If there are bits of sediments contaminating the water or a rust coloration, this is a clear signal that it is time to perform a flush of your water heater system. Also, if the hot water has a metallic taste to it, this indicates that the water heater in the process of failing.
  • Loud noises, such as a pop or crack sound omitting from your water heater is another sign that you may require maintenance or a new system. The sounds are usually triggered by a build up of sediments, which are rustled up during the water heating process.
  • If you notice that water is leaking from your system and that there is a build up of puddles under your unit, you know that your water heating system is in need of urgent attention. Leaking water indicates an internal failure in the water heater. In the case of a leak, you should first perform inspections to locate exactly where the leak is coming from. If the leak is materializing from a valve or plumbing connection, you can most likely perform maintenance in order to remedy the situation. If the leak is coming from that actual tank of your water heater, then your tank has most likely been deteriorated beyond repair and you will require a brand new water heater tank installation.

While the majority of water heaters on the market today are very durable, by performing routine maintenance services, you can dramatically increase it’s life-span and reduce potential future costly repairs. If you are suspecting that your water heater is in need of repair, you can contact the water heater installation and maintenance professionals at Schede Plumbing and Heating to perform regular maintenance on your water heater to ensure it is running at its maximum capacity.

If your home or business requires a brand new hot water heater, we can show you the many options that you have available. We often recommend a tankless water heater system because it will offer high-caliber results and lower the cost of your utility bills in the long run. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for a free consultation.

Schede Plumbing and Heating provides hot water heater installation and maintenance services, tankless water heaters, generators, air conditioning, general pluming repairs and installations, new construction, well pumps, and general heating installation and repair services. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut and New York: Fairfield, Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, Westchester, White Plains, New Rochelle, Rye.