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Air Conditioning Service Maintenance and Installation Professionals - Stamford, CTHaving an AC unit that is working at maximum efficiency, you will reduce the amount of energy expenditure, which will lead to reducing your energy bill and helping to improve the environment. If you have a central air conditioning unit that is in disrepair, you will be using more energy than required and you run the risk of it breaking down when you need it most, which can lead to extensive repair costs. Many residents throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and the greater New York City area attempt to perform central air conditioning maintenance themselves. We recommend that if you do not have extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of a central air unit that you refrain from do-it-yourself repairs. However, if it is just a simple repair, and you have some knowledge of the electrical requirements of the unit, the Connecticut HVAC professionals at Schede Plumbing and Heating of Stamford, Connecticut are going to supply some potentially useful information for you in the following article.

If your air conditioning unit fails to turn on automatically when the thermostat triggers the demand for cooling, the problem is most likely occurring due to a faulty electrical issue with your thermostat. Before you decide to dismantle your thermostat, be certain that the temperature gauge is set to cool and that it is set to a degree that is much colder than room temperature. You can then perform the following measures. Examine the central electrical panel and secondary circuit planes to see if the breakers are triggered or if there is a blown fuse. If you notice a problem occurring, you can attempt to restart the breaker or change the fuse. You should also check the indoor and outdoor power switches of the unit to ensure that they are not turned off.

If it sounds as if your central air conditioning unit is operating efficiently, but the temperature of the air it is producing is does not feel as if it is cool enough, there could be a few different reasons for this issue. Your initial step should be to turn your thermostat off and and then turn your fan on, which will assist in defrosting your unit. Once your unit has gone through the defrosting process, you can them perform an inspection of your furnace filter to see if it is damaged and in need of replacement. If your filter is dirty or damaged, it could be causing a blockage which can potentially lead to your A/C unit freezing. You should also perform an inspection of the filter to your outdoor unit to see if there is any debris such as dirt, branches, or grass that is blocking the filter. If you notice that there is debris blocking the filter, you can clean it by simply spraying it with a garden hose until all of the debris has been cleaned away.

As you are aware, air condition units make noise when they are operational and older air conditioning systems tend to be a lot louder than more modern systems. An annual air conditioning maintenance inspection by a the Connecticut HVAC professionals at Schede Plumbing will assist in reducing minor noise issues for your unit, such as the noises caused by dirty fan blades or parts requiring lubrication. Hiring Schede Plumbing to perform regular tune-up services will allow you to maintain your central air conditioning unit operating at its most efficient level and keep minor issues from turning into major problems. Contact us today at 203-969-2299 for a free consultation!

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