Purchasing a brand new boiler for your residence or commercial facility has many long term benefits but can also be extremely costly. An alternative to installing a new boiler system, is to upgrade or perform system maintenance on your current hot water heating system. Schede Plumbing and Heating has installed and performed boiler system maintenance for many residences and commercial facilities throughout the Westport, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich areas of Connecticut, as well as Westchester County, NY.

We recently installed a boiler system into large apartment complex in Westport, Connecticut. We recommended using a boiler water heating system if you require heating for spacious buildings with numerous rooms. We installed a large boiler into the basement of the building, which allowed hot water to disperse throughout the floors of the building through a sophisticated array of pipes.

One of the advantages to using a boiler system compared to a furnace system, is a boiler will not accumulate as much dust as a typical furnace will. Dust accumulation can be a serious health issue to contend with, especially someone with a weak immune system or allergy issues. Boiler systems have a structure that radiates heat into the existing air, compared to a furnace which basically forces new heated air into a room. Another advantage to using a boiler is that it can be conveniently constructed with independent zones that can be switched on or off, which will allow you the capability to heat specific sections of the house or apply heat to separate areas with different temperatures.

There are different categories of heating boilers that are available for installation and each have their own specific benefits. We have listed the most common boiler systems we have installed over the years in the Fairfield county area and their benefits.

  • The Gas Boiler – The Gas Boiler is very popular due to its reputation as being an efficient and long lasting heating system. Gas Boilers will usually stand the test of time and require less maintenance or repairs as many other types of systems. There are three types of gas boilers available which are conventional, condensing, and combination.
  • The Electric Boiler – Electric boilers use electric heating elements to heat water and are considered to be more efficient than gas boilers. They provide 100 percent efficient electric heat. They are small in size so they have the capability to fit into any size home or business. Similar to most boiler systems, piping or tubing lines are needed to circulate the heat carrying fluid.
  • The Oil Boiler – These types of boilers can provide a greater level of performance and efficiency than any other type of boiler system on the market. However, there are drawbacks which are that oil is considered a non-renewable type of energy and the price of oil can change at anytime, which can potentially lead to an expensive winter season.

It is estimated that a central heating boiler will account for over sixty percent of your heating bills during the winter, so it is crucial that your boiler is running at its highest performance capacity in order to minimize your expenses. Schede Plumbing and Heating are experienced in the replacement and retrofitting of boilers and hot water heating systems for residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and light commercial properties. We at Schede Plumbing & Heating in Connecticut believe that boiler repair and maintenance is all about safety, dependability, and efficiency. We believe boiler maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to increase the life of your boiler. Contact us today for a free consultation.