Important questions to ask your Connecticut plumbing contractor | Stamford, CTWhen you are in a position where you require a professional Connecticut plumber contractor to perform plumbing repair or installation services on your home or commercial facility, selecting the best plumbing contractor for the job can become a daunting task. With all of the plumbing contractors available in the Fairfield County area, it can help to understand what type of qualities you should be seeking in a plumber, and understand some important questions you should be asking them as you begin your search. Your goal should be to find a Connecticut plumber that is fully capable of successfully completing the project to your satisfaction, while at the same time staying within your desired budget. The plumbing professionals at Schede Plumbing and Heating have complied a list of significant questions you should ask your potential plumber while you are conducting the screening process.

  1. Do you carry the proper licensing and insurance for the state of Connecticut or New York? Once you have established contact with your potential plumbing contractor, the first issue that you should establish is whether or not they have the proper licensing and insurance to perform the job. If the plumber has obtained the necessary license to perform home improvement services, then this is a great indication that they are an established contractor and will have the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully complete the job. You should also request proof that the plumber carries the proper insurance, which will offer protection for you if someone is injured during the project, or if the plumber’s services causes extra damage to your home or commercial business.
  2. Can you offer me a detailed estimate of the project? Can I expect any hidden or additional costs? The majority of Connecticut plumbing contractors will offer a free estimate and consultation before they begin work on your project. You should always expect a professional plumber to offer you a detailed estimate in person, rather than over the phone. Once the plumber has arrived at your location and has offered you an estimate, you should always establish whether or not the estimate will include factors such as materials, transportation costs, and additional expenses for any unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Can you offer any customer reviews or references? An experienced plumber should have a strong online presence, where you can read reviews from previous clients. If you cannot find any online reviews, you should request references of clients from recently completed jobs. References are a very crucial factor in selecting the plumber that is best suited for you. They will ensure that your plumber has proven experience of providing satisfying work to their previous clients. Based in Stamford, Schede Plumbing and Heating of has a long list of satisfied clients throughout the state of Connecticut and New York. You can view some testimonials from our satisfied clients by heading over to our testimonial page.
  4. Will you be performing the work yourself or will you be outsourcing the project? The majority of plumbing companies will typically have a team of plumbers on staff. You should always ask the plumber who is meeting with you, if they are the person who will be performing the work on the project. Be certain that the person who is performing the actual work in your project carries the proper licensing and experience to get the job done correctly. If you cannot get a straight answer to this question, we recommend that you continue your search

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