HVAC Professionals - Reduce Air Conditioning Costs | Stamford, ConnecticutFor many Connecticut residents, air conditioning costs during the sweltering summer months can account for a big portion of your household expenditures. If you are utilizing a central air conditioning system or have a window air conditioning unit, you can reduce your electric bills significantly, especially during the peak summer months, by following these energy-saving cooling tips this summer.

  1. Plant trees around your home. The majority of the heat that accumulates inside of your home or commercial business will come from direct sunlight beaming down on your structure. You can limit the amount of sunlight, which shines into your residence, by installing trees and other types of plants around the perimeter of your property. Additional trees will create shade and assist in blocking the sunlight. Another advantage to adding trees to your property is that it will also add curb appeal, which can increase the overall market value of your house or commercial facility.
  2. When you are in the process of purchasing a new central air conditioning unit, it is best to purchase a unit that has a season efficiency ratio number (SEER) of at least thirteen. A unit with a lower number than thirteen may cost you less when you purchase the system, however you will eventually lose-out by paying more money in utilities each year.
  3. Perform yearly maintenance checkups and be certain that the air filter remains clean. In order to keep your central air unit operating at maximum capacity, it is important to have a Connecticut licensed HVAC professional come by at least once a year to perform a tune up. The central air maintenance technicians at Schede Plumbing and Heating have the ability to diagnose any operational issues before they become a much more larger and costly repair problem. If you are operating a window unit, it is also important to remember to replace or clean the air filter on a consistent basis. An air filter that is not cleaned on a regular basis will lower the operating efficiency of your system, which will force it to use additional energy to operate.
  4. Keep your windows closed and sealing up any potential spots that can cause air leaks in your house. This will reduce your air conditioning expenditures in the summer as well as heating expenditure in the winter. You can use caulk or sealant to seal up any areas that may be prone to exposure from outdoor elements, such as areas around the windows, doors, and where plumbing enters your residence.

If you are in the market for a new central air conditioning system, or you require maintenance for your existing unit, you can contact the Stamford HVAC technicians at Schede Plumbing for all of your central air conditioning needs. We can help you extend the life of your current system, and ensure that it is operating at maximum capacity so that your house can remain cool through the Connecticut summer months, while keeping your energy expenditures at it’s lowest possible levels. Call 203-969-2299 today to schedule an appointment with the best Heating and Air Conditioning company in Connecticut!

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