Just like the majority of appliances located in your Connecticut home, even your central air conditioning system has a lifespan. Usually the warning signs are obvious, but other times, it can be hard to tell whether your air conditioning system needs repair or if your air conditioning needs replacing.

The lifespan of your central air conditioning system can range depending on the model, its power, features, and size. However, we can make some generalizations, both with and without regular maintenance, to explain why it’s so crucial that you schedule maintenance visits each year.

Research indicates that the typical lifespan for a central air conditioner is approximately 15 years. This is assuming that you are scheduling regular maintenance and have had professional air conditioning installation. If you schedule maintenance for the unit on a yearly basis, the life expectancy can potentially increase to 20 years. However, if the air conditioner receives barely any maintenance, than the life expectancy can be reduced to 7 or even lesser years.

Stamford, Connecticut homeowners want to extend the life of all the home appliances and systems they invest in. Knowing how certain systems work and also being aware of the signs that they need replacing will help you to keep your home running efficiently. Before the warm weather begins, it is a good idea to be sure your system is ready to go before you need it. You can contact the experienced air conditioning installation and repair experts at Schede Plumbing for a free consultation.

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